Biceps Aren’t Only Made In Gym, Try These Biceps Workout At Home

Biceps Aren't Only Made In Gym, Try These Biceps Workout At Home
Biceps Aren't Only Made In Gym, Try These Biceps Workout At Home

Great biceps aren’t something that you can get with any workout. You have to be focused to crank out those massive sleeve-bursting biceps. Leave all the barbells, cable machines, or chin-ups, just do these biceps workout at home.

Ready for a serious bigger biceps workout!

30 Minutes To Create Those Massive Biceps With Dumbbell

biceps workout at home
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All the biceps workouts are tailored around a dumbbell. So, all you need is dumbbell of the right weight to begin this 30-minute workout. We have listed out all best exercises for biceps you can do in a circuit to reach your bicep goals.

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But, before we start out we want you to know how to maximize the benefits of each biceps workout at home. Follow the expert’s tips:

  • Warm-up– A great workout begins with a great warmup even though you are targeting only one muscle. That’s important to minimize the risk of tears and rips of your arm muscles.
  • Switch- If a particular workout isn’t doing much to your muscles, then switch. Variety is the secret behind bigger biceps.
  • Breathe- Don’t forget to focus on breathing even if you are simply lifting the dumbbell or holding it for a few seconds. Breathing well will deliver enough oxygen to your muscles to prevent a reduction in blood pressure.
  • Rest- Even though you should take only 30-60 seconds of rest, adjust your resting time according to your level. Resting will give more time to your muscles to recover.

Now, you are ready to begin the biceps workout at home

Start With Basics- Dumbbell Biceps Curl

Dumbbell curls are a classic workout of biceps that seems simple to many but are rigorous of all. Simply, hold a dumbbell in one hand and lift it to your shoulders.

Don’t be quick while lifting, go slow. Also, keep your back straight while lifting. Lift it 10 times for one side and then switch.

Hammer Curl

Hold dumbbells in your hand. Bring it to your shoulder with hands facing each other. Pause for a while and then return to the old position.

Do at least 10 reps.

Renegade Row

Renegade row not only target your biceps but also shapes your triceps and back shoulders. For this, begin with push-up pose with a dumbbell in one hand.

Bring it till the shoulder and pause for a sec. Slowly bring it down and then do with another side. While doing renegade row, make sure your body balance is good to avoid injury.

Perform 10 reps of renegade row for each side.

Bench Biceps Curl

Another biceps workout at home is bench biceps curl. Sit on a bench or chair that keeps your body at 45-degree angle. Now hold a dumbbell in each hand. Lift them up till the shoulders and then return to the previous pose.

Farmer’s Carry

A traditional workout of biceps is farmer carry where you walk with dumbbells. Keep the dumbbell’s head to the shoulder level and then take a walk of 30 seconds.

Do all of these best exercises for biceps in 4 rounds to complete one circuit. But, the trick to building bigger biceps is not to rest between the exercises. You can only rest between each set for 30-60 seconds.

So, are you ready for this endurance and biceps building workout at home?

Don’t just wait, start now!