Feeling Dizzy After Workout Isn’t Normal, These May Be The Causes

Feeling Dizzy After Workout Isn't Normal, These May Be The Causes
Feeling Dizzy After Workout Isn't Normal, These May Be The Causes

Feeling sick and dizzy during exercise? This would happen if you workout for longer hours without taking rest. But, excessive workout is not always a reason. And if exercising for few hours makes you faint down, then it’s something serious.

Causes Of Feeling Sick And Dizzy During Exercise

feeling sick and dizzy during exercise

Post-workout dizziness is of two types- vertigo and lightheadedness. If you are feeling that everything around you is moving and can’t balance yourself, its lightheadedness.

When this comes with extra symptoms like vomiting and nausea, its vertigo. Vertigo type of workout dizziness is more serious especially when you experience a change in vision or speech along with it.

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However, excessive workout can be the most common reason behind this dizziness. But, if workout out for only a few hours make you feel like you are fainting then following could be the causes:

  • not drinking enough water
  • use of drugs and alcohol
  • taking antidepressants or medicine to treat hypertension
  • cold or a flu
  • your blood sugar is going down

How To Prevent Dizziness After Workout?

feeling sick and dizzy during exercise
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You can easily prevent or avoid this feeling of dizziness. Follow our tips:

  1. Get enough breakfast- Don’t let your blood sugar level go down so eat enough before the workout. Take enough fuel for your body in the form of fat, protein, and carbs. A banana, avocado, or peanut butter would be sufficient.
  2. Breathe well- Perform breathing exercises or practices for better oxygen flow. Take deeper and full breathe during exercises like running. Also, avoid holding your breath during the high-intensity workout as it affects your blood pressure levels.
  3. Focus well- Focusing on one spot while doing exercises such as running a treadmill will prevent motion sickness and dizziness.
  4. Take rest- It could be a sign that you need rest, so stop and take enough rest. During rest, take deeper breaths and keep your head between the knees.

Dizziness is normal during the workout when you are too hard on your body. So, don’t workout beyond your limit and practice yoga or pilates to improve your breathing.

The right breathing technique and the above-mentioned tips can prevent dizziness after a workout.