Get A Killer Core With This 5 Minute Plank Workout

Get A Killer Core With This 5 Minute Plank Workout
Get A Killer Core With This 5 Minute Plank Workout

” If you think a minute goes by fast, you’ve never done a plank before.”

Unlike other workouts, plank workout can give you a stronger core faster in less time. How fast? Just 5 minutes a day. Yes, you need only that much time daily to build up a stronger core. Don’ think it’s gonna be easy, those 5 minutes would be the longest time you have ever worked out.

Excited! Know more about this 5-minute fitness recipe.

Get Fit In Just 5 Minutes

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First of all, prepare your body for the workout. Walk or jog for 1 minute to stretch your muscles and make them more flexible. Then, perform these plank exercises for complete 5 minutes in a row.

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  • Straight arm plank– Simply get into a plank pose with arms at a greater distance than toes. Hold yourself for 30 seconds in straight arm plank pose and then release the body.
  • Reverse Plank– Lay down on the floor on your back. Spread your palms and fingers wide for supporting your upper body. Lift your body up with heels touching the ground. Look straight and hold for 30 seconds.
  • Forearm side plank– Start with lying on one side, either right or left. Legs on each other and lift your hips off the floor with forearm supporting the body. After 30 seconds switch to the other side.
  • Pyramid Plank-Begin with basic plank pose and lift your hips up. The head should be touching the floor with elbows resting on the floor straight. Hold on for not more than 30 seconds and you are done.

These plank workouts are just an easy and fastest way to strengthen your core within 5 minutes. Many would-be wondering whether it would yield any result or not.

Don’t worry you will get all the benefits of plank exercise even if you do it for a short duration.

For instance, plank workout gives a stronger core, back, better posture, improved balance, and greater flexibility. A great benefit of this exercise is that it also burns calories.

So, adjust the number of reps for different variations and make your workout routine more efficient and functional. Soon you will see the results.