How To Do Squats? Here Are The Do’s And Don’ts


Squats are one of the most effective exercises that people do. But many people get confused about what is the right way to do squats. Whether to include weights or not? Whether to go all the way down or to just bend a little. There are many questions that are unanswered so in this article let’s talk about the correct way of doing SQUATS.


Also know the do’s and don’ts of squats.

1. Keep Your Chest Up

While doing squats the correct way is to keep your chest up and not inside. Although squats focus on your lower body it is also very important that your chest and upper body os aligned properly. Do not round your shoulders and chest as that would be the wrong way to do squats.

2. Don’t Hesitate To Go Down

People believe that squats should not be done by doing all the way down. Whereas you can go down to get the most of the squats.

3. Engage Your Core

Weight squats

Whichever exercise you do core plays a major part. Your core should be very strong and firm. Before lifting weights and then doing squats practice plain squats.

4. Train Yourself For Splits


Do not directly start doing squats as it may damage your muscles giving you a lot of pain. Do a bit of stretching and warm-up prior to doing any kind of exercise.

5. Don’t Restrict Knee Motion

Keep your knee movement free. Many people feel that squats can damage your knee if you continue doing them for a long time. So keep the knee movement free to perform squats better.

If you had been doing any of the above mistakes then it is high time to correct them and do squats the correct way.