Mediterranean Diet Meal Plans- A Heart-Healthy Diet That Is Too Good To Believe

Mediterranean Diet Meal Plans- A Heart-Healthy Diet That Is Too Good To Believe

Being on a diet means restricting yourself to eat certain fatty foods or going low on carbs. But, a traditional Mediterranean diet isn’t about such restrictions plus it’s good for your heart. Let’s have a look upon how Mediterranean diet meal plans should be when you are going for this heart-healthy diet.

What’s So Good About Traditional Mediterranean Diet?

Mediterranean diet meal plans
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It isn’t a recent diet plan that people follow. In fact, the traditional eating habits of Mediterranean people became a popular diet due to the advantages it offers.

Typically these benefits come from the Mediterranean foods they eat that include lots of veggies and fruits with healthy fats source like olive oil. The only restriction in their diet is on dairy products and meat.

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But, there is one good thing about Mediterranean diet meal plans, red wine is allowed. It’s still healthy and here are some of the way it benefits you.

  • Good for cardiovascular health
  • A few evidence shows it’s good for diabetic patients too
  • May aid in weight loss

Experts and global health organizations also believe it’s among one of the healthiest diets. So, let’s move to the basics of the traditional Mediterranean meal plans.

Mediterranean Diet Food List- What To Skin And What To Add?

Mediterranean diet meal plans
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There are lots of variations and types of Mediterranean diet meal plans. That makes it a bit vague especially for the beginners. Don’t be confused, here is a list of foods that goes to this heart-healthy diet.

  • Focus more on veggies especially the green ones
  • Go for any fruit of your choice
  • Must add nuts and seeds to get healthy fats
  • Don’t forget the whole grains like buckwheat, barley, brown rice, pasta, and more
  • Seafood is the basis of this diet especially the oily fish
  • Eat low-fat dairy products
  • Red wine is okay but doesn’t exceed the limit of one glass/day for women and 2 glasses for men
  • Keep the meat consumption low to moderate

Now, what to skip; that’s the big question. But, not for you because we also have the list of Mediterranean foods to avoid as well.

Skip These Foods

  • Soda, ice-cream, and all sugar food items
  • Say no to refined grains like white bread
  • Processed foods contain trans fats so avoid them too
  • Canola oil, soybean or any other refined oil will spoil your diet plan so skip them too
  • Hot dogs may be tempting but they have processed meat means they don’t fit in our Mediterranean meal plans

A good way to ensure that you eat no such food that isn’t fit as a Mediterranean food is to read the label. Anything labelled as low-fat, processed, or trans-fat is a complete No.

Mediterranean meal plans are easy and completely customized as per the taste. Just, remember the basics and you are ready for the healthiest diet ever.