Step It Up: Stair Exercises For Beginners To Get Started

Step It Up: Stair Exercises For Beginners To Get Started

” There’s nothing wrong with being a beginner. Nobody starts at the top.”

That’s true even for the workouts. So, if you have recently started stair workouts and worried whether you are going right or wrong, then read this guide. We have all the dos and don’ts of stair exercises for beginners.

Stair workouts are an ideal workout for everyone who wants to do a high-intensity workout. They are not just the easiest but fastest too and improve your strength, power, and speed.

It targets your calves, quads, glutes, and other largest muscles while running upstairs. Therefore, most of the athletes go for a stair workout to quickly improve their strength and stamina.

But, many beginners can easily get confused with stair running and stair workout. It’s not just about running on the stairs. In fact, more energy, muscles, and control is required to perform a stair workout.

So, how to get started?

Stair Exercises Tips For Beginners

stair exercises for beginners
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  • A good warm-up before you begin the session is good to pump up your blood. So, take a brisk walk for 5-10 minutes before getting started.
  • Do not start running at the beginning on the stairs. Instead, walk on the stairs and then jog.
  • Look forward while running, keep your head straight, and don’t lean.
  • Once your body is used to, start running or take more steps at a time.
  • Do 10 sets of a stair workout or cut it short as per the stair’s length. Don’t do more than 30 minutes initially.

Follow these tips and add stair exercises in your workout or just do it after your meal. Besides simply walking up and down the stairs, you can also add the following stair exercises in your session.

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Stair Exercises For Beginners

stair exercises for beginners
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Stair Pushup

Just like you do normal pushups, start by keeping hands on a step. Your toes should be pushing the floor and legs should be extended. Bend your arms and breathe in and out while lowering your body.

Don’t push your chest too close to the stairs.

Stair Lunge

Keep your left leg on a step. Bend the knees and inhale. Now, exhale while extending the legs. Don’t bend much and repeat the same with another leg.

You can do more variation in your stair workout like a side step, crab walks, stair hops, and more. No matter what stair workout you do, maintain a good balance.

Do not tumble down or stand weak on the stair. If you cannot maintain a good balance on the stair, then avoid doing it. Moreover, stair exercises are not for beginners with knee issues. Talk to your doctor before starting a stair exercise.

Stair workouts are something that you can do anywhere, in the park, hotel room, home, and office. That’s why these exercises are trending high-intensity workout among fitness lover.

So, just find a stair and get started.