Wanna Lose Weight? Drinking Hot Water Would Help, Find Out How

Wanna Lose Weight? Drinking Hot Water Would Help, Find Out How
Wanna Lose Weight? Drinking Hot Water Would Help, Find Out How

Water helps in weight loss, that’s something everyone knows but does hot water burn belly fat too? That’s something we are gonna find out today so keep reading.

Does Hot Water Burn Belly Fat Too?

does hot water burn belly fat
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Hot water weight loss therapy has been used since ages, and folks believe that it boosts your overall health. How true it is, only researchers and their scientific studies can tell.

Even researchers and health experts say that water boost metabolism and aid in weight loss. The reason is simple, water keeps your stomach full and helps your body to get more nutrients from the food.

But, a recent study figures out that hot water improves your metabolism by 30 per cent that helps in weight loss. What’s the science behind it? When you drink hot or warm water your body has to adjust for that temperature.

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For this, it has to work more to bring the internal temperature of the body down. This results in activation of metabolism. Also, it causes intestine contraction helping it to flush out the waste easily.

Altogether you feel less bloated and lose weight. But, hot water does more to your body. Let’s find out other benefits of warm water.

  • Decrease stress levels–  Hot water boosts your central nervous system as per the study. This, in turn, improves your mood and reduce stress level.
  • Relive constipation– Just like plain water, hot water also helps your body get rid of trapped waste. Thus, you feel less constipated. However, don’t drink hot water daily if you want to relieve constipation.
  • Relieve pain– This is because of the better nervous system and improved blood circulation due to hot water. So, if you have muscle ache or body pain, drinking warm water or application of heat packs can help.

How Hot Should I Drink?

does hot water burn belly fat
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That’s a thing to know as drinking too hot or less hot can make the difference in your weight-loss plan. Experts say that the ideal temperature should be around 50- 57.8 degrees C.

Not only the temperature but when to drink hot water is a common question of beginners. The first glass should be right after you wake-up and second before your meal.

Make sure that the water is not too hot to burn your tongue. To ensure this, just take a sip or put your finger in the warm water to know how hot it is. Besides this, you should also know some tips about hot water weight loss therapy.

Important Tips

  • Slowly drink the hot water and don’t just gulp down in one go.
  • Apart from hot water, you can take a hot cup of coffee or other beverages but they shouldn’t be loaded with sugar.
  • Avoid junk food when you are on a hot water diet.
  • More is not merrier in case of hot water weight loss therapy. So, limit up to 5 cups a day.
  • Add lemon for better results and flavour.

This was all about the hot water and its effect on your body. Hope that works for you, but don’t overlook the importance of exercise and the right nutrition for weight-loss.

More importantly, don’t try everything at once for faster results. Just remember, ” You didn’t gain all your weight in one day; you won’t lose it in one day. Be patient with yourself.”